...And We're Back

While today is not the first time I've worked on the RepRap since I last posted 14 months ago, it is the first time since then I've documented my struggles. Let me bring you up to speed (I'll try to keep it short)...

In the Fall semester of 2009 I took a Computer Architecture course taught by Michael Siff at Sarah Lawrence College. For my independent project I attempted to design a system of modular mechanical logic gates. I seriously underestimated the scope of this endeavor. I was trying to simultaneously:

  • learn Blender
  • learn Skeinforge
  • design complex pieces using Blender
  • maintain and troubleshoot Kurzweil

All while also trying to keep up with an intense Psych class and a very full Music program. Needless to say, I did not succeed, though I learned the hard way that making an idea into reality never goes as smoothly as one first imagines.

Slightly discouraged, and reluctant to set myself up for disappointment again, in Spring 2010 I took a break from RepRap. And then I graduated.

Now, in what may be my last month and a half in the Westchester area, I've set another possibly preposterous goal: wherever I go next, I want to take pieces for a Mendel with me. But this time I have help!

Scott Calvin, an SLC Physics professor, and my excellent Don, wants to learn the RepRap so future SLC students may experience its agony and glory. And what better way to learn how a machine works than fixing one that don't work so well? Hopefully with our powers combined, we will be able to get this puppy running.


  1. Have your tried HeeksCAD, and OpenSCAD? both are as open source as Blender.

    HeeksCAD is a lot like Blender, but focusing on solid modeling, with a dead easy boinlein function.
    I posted a tutorial for it on Youtube.

    OpenSCAD is great for people who know how to program for solid modeling. dead easy if you can code.

    Welcome back

  2. OMG super team! I'm going to start designing crocodile claws while I'm away. Maybe ill succeed with blender and the claws can be test subjects when I return!